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Winning At The Easter Bunny Game

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For years I’ve been keeping this clever little joy-giving Easter gift secret. Today, through the power of kittd, I’m sharing it with you all. Here it is:

All of my Easter loves: kids, nieces and nephews, etc., have an adorable, treasure filled egg arrive on their doorstep from the Greatest. Easter. Bunny. Ever: Me. Or you. It could be you!

Using our expert knowledge (as moms) we’ve hand-selected kid-excitement-inducing swag and loaded up a giant Easter egg. You tell us who and where to ship it, we lay a label right on that egg (see what I did there?), and your Easter loves will go nuts to find a big, colorful egg sitting in the mailbox/front porch/arms of the postal carrier with their name on it!

The best part? We make it soooooo easy for you. No combing through the Easter aisles at Target…..Ok. You may still want to go to the Easter aisles at Target, but it will be less involved and less painful.

We build it, we label it, we ship it, you look like a Easter Bunny Rockstar who has their bunny poop together. You don’t even have to do math! We removed the math. One flat price, shipping is already included.

I can’t tell you how fun it is to see the look on kids faces when these eggs show up! It’s been a fun tradition for me and I’m happy to have a way to share it with all of you. Oh! I almost forgot one of my favorite things about the kittd eggs……NO CANDY!! Nope. We all know the struggle of balancing candy with non-candy items: candy is just so bright and colorful and easy. But, no. We were determined to keep the candy out of these particular eggs. They’re filled with items that encourage good ol’ fashioned play and creativity.

As you can see, we’ve got this. You can worry about something else, like the Easter day battle over tights and ties and trying not to eat all the jellybeans.

This item is seasonal; check our etsy store for availability!

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