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thanksgiving goal: keep them busy. (free Thanksgiving placemat download)

busy coloring page coloring pages downloadable kids printable thanksgiving turkey

Whether you’re traveling for Thanksgiving or cooking dinner at your home, whether your kids have the whole week off or just a few days, half of the challenge of pulling off a successful holiday is keeping the kids busy. (at least until they’re old enough to peel potatoes)

To me, the perfect craft in this situation:

  1. is easy to mass produce
  2. uses supplies I have on hand, and
  3. needs little to no parental involvement

I think we hit the craft trifecta with this project – having kids color Thanksgiving placemats. There are lots of options on Pinterest for kids to list what they’re thankful for – I LOVE those, because there is nothing more adorable to me than little people’s handwriting and spelling. However, my son is in pre-K and still needs me to spell everything for him, one excruciating letter at a time, so those options don’t meet criteria #3.

The activity is simple! Just download the pages, print as many as you need, and set out crayons & markers. If you have an at-home laminator (and if you don’t, see below for my pick), laminate each placemat for durability. Make a set for Grandparents too – these are easy to pop in the mail. Heck, make a set for the neighbors, whether you know them or not. ANYTHING TO KEEP THE KIDS BUSY.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps. Seriously, get yo’self a personal laminator. I have one at home and at the office, and I use it all. the. time. I recommend this one for ease, portability & a great price. (affiliate link)

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