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kittd : an origin story

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We didn’t start out making kits! Kristie & I are both crafty ladies, so when we had the chance to do a market way back in 2013, we thought it would be a fun way to make money with our hobbies.

But it wasn’t.

We got bored. Quick.

Turns out, neither one of us was happy making the same thing over and over. Kristie still shivers when anyone asks her to make a book wreath, and I grind my teeth at the idea of cranking out crayon roll after crayon roll. Even though both of those items (plus lots of other stuff) sold like crazy, we weren’t happy, and didn’t want to make it a business.

After that first market, we didn’t even talk about collaborating on something else for months. About nine months later, though, we were drinking mimosas with friends at a back-to-school brunch and starting a business came up again, for all of the reasons that entrepreneurship appeals to people (and moms especially):  we’re going to work hard at whatever we do, but we need the flexibility to roll with life’s punches too. Plus, Kristie had this great idea that she’d been sitting on for years: kits.

We started having meetings over coffee. Making lists. Creating secret Pinterest boards. Testing products and instructions we’d seen online. And that chance to sell at a local vendor market came up again, so we tried again, but with kits. AND IT WORKED.

We didn’t get bored, our products sold, and the feedback we got was awesome.

We also identified some stumbling blocks – we live on opposite ends of town and having our supplies spread out made working independently a challenge, so we started looking for an office. We worked on an Operating Agreement, went to lots of classes about business tax structures, and found some great resources for business plans for creative people. In May, 2015 we became official!

We’re six months into our business, and this is our first holiday season – we’re just trying to keep up! Thanks for being with us on this adventure!


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